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Proper floor care

Helps you optimize your flooring investment. Follow these guidelines for general care, or contact us any time with your questions.


Regular vacuuming is the single most important step for keeping your carpet looking and feeling beautiful. Choose a professional carpet company for deeper cleaning. For stains or spills, act immediately, and visit the Carpet and Rug Institute to find the best spot treatment.



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Hardwood floors sustain their beauty with regular care. Modern wood flooring is designed and finished to make maintenance easier than ever. Clean your wood floor regularly with a soft broom, dry mop, or vacuum set to its hard-surface setting. Floormats in high traffic areas protect from surface damage. For more care tips, visit the National Wood Flooring Association.


Step one in tile and stone care is to immediately clean any spills since acidic materials can quickly damage the integrity of tile or grout. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your type of tile, grout, and sealant. Your local supplier or the National Tile Contractors Association are good sources for further information.
Floor care/repair in Sauk City, WI from Willow Creek Flooring


Laminate flooring is a durable surface that withstands wear and is easy to care for. As with any flooring, the better you maintain it, the longer it will last. In addition to regular cleaning with soft, dry tools, spray-on cleaners designed for laminate flooring do a great job. For more advice, visit the World Floor Covering Association.


Vinyl’s clean look is best maintained through regular care that removes small dirt particles that can scratch the surface. Gentle sweeping, dry mopping, or vacuuming provide the first step, and quickly cleaning spills is also important. For more serious issues, contact Willow Creek Flooring for expert assistance.